Parking and Driving

Parking During a Snow Emergency

When Phase II and/or Phase III of the city's snow emergency plan is in effect, motorists may not park on designated snow emergency routes (indicated by white and black signs). Vehicles parked along snow emergency routes may be ticketed with a $52 fine and then relocated to a safe location. 

  • If a snow emergency is declared, DO NOT park your car on Snow Emergency Routes.
  • Black and white snow emergency route signs generally are posted higher on the pole than the other signs, so look up to the top of the pole to make sure you are parked legally.
  • Parking is banned on these routes to allow unimpeded curb-to-curb salting and/or plowing.

How can I find out if my car was towed?

Call 311 or call us at 410-396-9958

Where are the towing locations?

  • Pulaski Highway Impound Facility (Main)
    6700 Pulaski Highway
    Baltimore, MD 21237
    410-396-9958 or 410-545-3417
  • Fallsway Facility
    410 Fallsway
    Baltimore, MD 21202

What do I need to know about paying for the parking ticket related to my towed vehicle?

You should follow the instructions on the Violation. If any questions, please contact Parking and Fines. However, all outstanding citations will be included in your fee to release the vehicle from impoundment.

Did the city issue a parking ticket prior to towing my car?

In most cases, if a vehicle is parked in violation of posted parking restrictions, a ticket will be issued. But, a parking ticket is not necessary to tow a vehicle.

What if I return to my vehicle as it is being towed? Will the driver give it back to me?

Once the vehicle is raised from the location it was parked, the vehicle must be impounded.