Frequently Asked Questions

When will my street be plowed?
When the Baltimore City Snow Team deploys, residential (secondary) routes are treated after primary routes. After heavy plows finish their routes, they are re-deployed to support the light plows working on residential routes. 

Will my alley be plowed?
No, Baltimore City does not plow alleys.
Will my trash and recycling be collected during a snow storm?
Trash, recycling, and bulk items will be collected if it is safe for City employees and the weather permits. Announcements will be made to local news outlets, social media pages, and DPW's website if collections will be affected due to inclement weather.

Where can I place the snow that I shoveled from my property?
Place snow/ice in the treebox or the grassy area next to the sidewalk. If there is no treebox or grassy area, please place the snow/ice on the sidewalk next to the curb but not in the street or bicycle lane.
Are bike lanes and trails plowed?
Yes, two designated vehicles will be used to clear bike paths.  


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